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Our wedding pt.1: Preparations

So, now I want to show you everything we have documented about our big celebration. Oh, what a journey this has been for us. We've learned so much about ourselves. For better and for worse. Getting married is really not just a happy occasion, I have to admit that. It can really be exhausting too! But if we look away from that, It's also wonderful and a very unique and special moment that cannot be compared with anything else.

Homemade all purpose cleaner

I really dont have any clue about how chemicals works, but I know they affect us. Some can affect our hormons and they can irritate our skin. We're exposed to them everywhere we go, and some of them are bad for you and some of them are not. This is as far as my knowledge of this subject goes, but as far as I'm concerned about my own body; I know that chemicals found in skincare, shampoo, body lotions and cleaning supplies can irritate my skin. So I've tried to switch to products that's as "skin friendly" as possible. This also affects the way I clean.