A slow, wholehearted weekend


So, about this slow living thing.. I've started to become really good at enjoying my weekends. The clue is to not make any plans. At all. And just let the day unfold itself. Wanna grab a double latte? Sure! Wanna go and look at the colourful trees before we head back home? Yeah. We dont have anything else to do, right? We invited my in-laws for dinner spontaneously. We ate Bacalao with rosemary and lemon and homemade focaccia. How can one be spontaneously in a world thats made up by full schedules and planning? And as long as I keep making fewer plans, I get the chance to breathe more into my stomach. And I sure need that as the days gets shorter and I get more affected by the lack of light. This "slow living"-thing, is really something for me.