Our wedding pt.2: Gathering of friends


We booked the wedding suite for the whole weekend. The first night I slept here with my two maid of honours. I had chosen two of my closest friends, and the storyline here is that I met them both the same night, ten years ago when we all had moved to Oslo. We're all from North Norway, but still from different places. And I actually found out that I was related to one of them right after we met. Our grandfathers had grown up together in Lofoten, so we felt that we were destined to find each other later in life. For me, it was a really powerful experience to share this weekend with them, and have them as my closest allies in this time. Since I got engaged on my fathers death bed, I wasn't sure what kind of feelings I would experience when the day came. Not having him there made this day a happy and a sad day at the same time. But I knew that he would have wanted me to have a beautiful day, so I needed to be happy for him. Because of that, my two maid of honours were my security blanket in these moments. I knew that they would care for me in every way, and I trusted them with my life. 


We booked almost an entire restaurant the evening before the wedding (everybody paid for themselves, just to point that out), so those who wanted to join us for dinner and mingling, could meet up here and join in. We were about forty people this evening, out of a total of one hundred people. We thought that this would be a good chance for my family to meet up with Håvards family, and some of our closest friends. I chose to wear a flowery dress for the occasion, with other simple details like plain sandals and my hair straight down. I came straight from the barn and only had an hour to get ready, gather my things at home, check in at the hotel and go to the restaurant after we came back. Stress? Yes. I think I had adrenalin pumping in my entire body! But when we got to the restaurant I ordered an IPA, and all of my worries melted away. Beer has never, EVER tasted that good before. And walking into that restaurant to see my friends and family filling up the whole space was truly an amazing experience for me. And that's something I really don't take for granted. And I'm gonna tell you why. 

When I moved to Kongsberg, 3,5 years ago, I left everything and everyone I knew. I'm not gonna lie; it has not been as easy to make close friends here as it was the other places I've lived. The past years, my personal network has been spread all across the country, since people have been moving around, creating families and gotten jobs in so many different places. Also, I'm not that kind of person who belong to one group of friends. I like having friends here and there, and I'm lucky to have made many close friends in several places, that have sticked with me for many years. Even though they live here and there. I've lived in Oslo, in Tønsberg and in Narvik, and made friends in different jobs, studies and activities in between. And all those different groups I had in all those places hadn't met each other until my bachelorette party this spring, which was a HUGE success!! Everybody went together so well, and it felt like everybody had known each other for many years. So I see that I tend to choose people who's kind of at the same level, no matter where I go. I do believe in soul mates and kindred spirits, and I believe that you attract the people you need to have in your life. So I'm not surprised that all those different people fit together like they did. And after living here so long without all of these wonderful people, and not having them in my everyday life, It was very special to me having everybody in the same room. It was truly an "aha-moment" to see them all in one place. That's the most blessed I've ever felt. I was just a big puddle of love! And to share the love.. Oh my God, why can't we all just love each other all the time? 
And the most important part: After my father suddenly passed away the year before, I do not take anything for granted anymore. And I have really started to cherish my friends and family on a much deeper level than ever before. That's the main reason why this was so groundbreaking for me. 

Our toastmaster, Henrik, put together a game (you can see a version of it here), where everybody could see how much me and Håvard agree or disagree on things. The conclusion was that we agree and very few things, and that we're both really stubborn. And since we can agree on THAT, I think we're gonna do just fine as a married couple! And as I said to Henrik, if you look at this photo of us looking at each other, you can sum up our whole relationship by this look. It's me looking at him while he says something that makes me go "Seriously, Henrik!", and him going like "Oh, she's clueless!". Haha! I hired him as my toastmaster many years before I even met Håvard. I just knew, many years ago, that he would be the right one. He was the first person I got to know after moving to Oslo as a naive eighteen year old. And he was like my big brother there. And in many ways, he still is. And here we are. As I said. It was ment to be. 

When the dinner was over, I went back to the hotel with my maids of honour. We stayed up way to late, drinking wine, catching up, talking about life and preparing ourselves for the big day. I wasn't nervous at that point. At all. I was just so happy that I had my friends there. I guess I was too pumped up on adrenalin and different impulses to be nervous. But I did get nervous before the wedding. More about that in the next post! 

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