Ten things

  1. There's only three weeks left of the deadline of my my masters thesis. And I'm sweating and stressing and crying and gasping for air. Yeah, I know it's a bit dramatic but the struggle is real. 
  2. The #metoo campaign, which I feel we need a lot more of all year. I really don't think that many men out there actually know that what they're doing is crossing lines. At the same time I don't think that many men out there actually know how much molesting, rapes and sexual harrastment we women experience all year long. Especially in the western world, where we have "female rights" that they are taking for granted. And we need, more than ever, to raise awareness and teach each other respect for the generations to come. 
  3. There's a lot of new music on Spotify at the moment. Kari Bremnes has released this beautiful north Norwegian album that makes me home sick. Fleet Foxes recently released an album that I feel I've been waiting for for years! And I'm seeing them in Oslo on December 5th. The Jezabels released a new single, The Others. And the latest Band of Horses album is amazing as well. Even though they apparently released it some time ago, but I just discovered it. 
  4. The Norwegian series Hvor er Thea is really exciting. I love it!
  5. I love that Ann-Merete is back on track with her blogging and showing us the beautiful home that she and her fiancé is re-decorating on the Norwegian countryside.
  6. No Sidebar is currently providing me and my soul with articles that is solely focusing on our inner values and building a beautiful life that you can be loyal to. It's a fresh breath of air in this superficial blog world. 
  7. Our wedding photos, which I absolutely love! But I'm gonna make a post about the day soon. 
  8. I'm dreaming about living on a farm where we can grow our own food and have hens and chickens. So we're constantly on the look out. 
  9. I'm dreaming of a dress from Odd Lovin. Especially this one. How beautiful can a dress be? And it's SO me! 
  10. And have you heard it? The Conjuring 3 and the spin off movie from Conjuring 2; The Nun, is due in the mid 2018! I can't wait! Horror movies is my guilty pleasure.