The kindest burglar there is


We had a burglar in our house today!

So I was sitting downstairs this afternoon, working on my thesis, when I heard this weird noise coming from upstairs. I didn't pay much attention to it, as it was a very windy, rainy and noisy outside too. But the noise didn't stop, and it was like someone was working in our garden or something. Really weird. But Balder was at the second floor, so he would have started barking it there was someone else in the house. Basically, I wasn't very worried. And then I needed coffee, so I went upstairs finding a tit flutter around in the dining area. 


I really dont know how the poor thing bewildered itself in here. But obviously Balder understood that he needed space, so he kept his distance. This is as much attention as he gave the scared, little bird. My kind, sweet pup. 


I opened doors and windows, but he didn't move. Not even when I left the room for a longer period. He wanted to escape through the one window that couldn't be open. And when he flew, he still flew all the other places but through the open windows. 


I didn't know how long he would stay in here, so I left him some snacks. Maybe he would need some food after a while? If it's anything I've learned from my grandmother, it's that you need to feed your guests! 


But after a while, he managed to escape (with a little gentle guidance). So bye, bye birdie! Hope you find your way back home again!