A night in the wilderness

So this is probably the best way for me to take a pause from the everyday life. On Saturday I got picked up at the airport by H, after a long weekend at a very intense leadership course at Öland in Sweden. I was basically exhausted from all the work we had to do, even though it was a wonderful week. So we'd decided in advance that we would go straight up to a lake outside of the city and sleep over. It wasn't a coincidence that it was the one-year anniversary of our engagement. We just really needed this opportunity to log off everything and just be together. And so H had loaded up the car with food and the supplies we needed. The mosquito did NOT have mercy on us, and I still am scratching my arms and legs. The only safe place was beside the bonfire, and we just had to take shelter in the tent to get away from all the bugs. But the morning was BEAUTIFUL. I woke of somewhere between 7 and 8 am, and decided to go for a swim. Everything was so quiet and the sun was already above the tree tops. Me and Balder swam around a little bit and I washed my hair in the lake. The only sound I could hear was birds singing and some dragonflies that flew across the water. Who need's music when you have mother natures own sounds? It was so peaceful. And then we had a really long morning with slow cooked food and coffee. I really wish the day never ended, but duty called us back home. Even so; having just one night outside makes wonders for the spirit. And the best part was that my phone's battery was out. So that meant: no Facebook, no Instagram and no Snapchat. Just us two, our dog and the fresh air. I would recommend having these kinds of slow moments to anyone! Sometimes, all we need is to sleep between trees and water to find inner peace.