A week in paradise

One week at my favourite place back home. A pearl in the middle of a valley, just south of my home town Narvik. There are several houses around, but our cabin is perfectly secluded. No one can see us. And we can't see anyone else. The first few days I was completely alone. I needed the silence, since this summer had been anything but silent. And when the rain went away and the sun came to visit us, we could finally do the things we'd been wanted to do all summer long: wash our hair in the lake, go swimming by a rock in the middle of the water, row our boat, sun bathe and eat our food outdoors. But even though I really loved the sun, I could just as easily be pleased with rain and foggy mornings. Because all I wanted was to just be there. Be present. Have a easy week. Eat easy food. Don't have to worry about showering every day or talking to people just because I have to. No, I just really wanted to be alone and be present in the moment with all my thoughts. And I felt renewed and more wholesome when I traveled back south.