First wedding picture

The sky opened up. The driver that we had hired for the day, drove us and our photographer around to where the photographer had decided the best light could be found. It really didn't matter that we almost couldn't see through the water on the front shield at the car. It really didn't matter all that much that the suit and the dress got wet (I DID care about my hair, though). We ran out into a field. I ran out there in my bare feet. The feeling of water against the warm ground felt amazing against my feet. It also felt amazing to have a photographer, who also has become a good friend, with us to catch these moments. She brought out the joy, the laughter and the love. The driver sat in his car, calling the seanse madness whilst watching us there in the field in the pouring rain. I got mud on my dress, but I did not care. I felt free. I felt loved. I felt happy. I had every single one of my loved ones with me that day. People who did everything they could to shower us with love and the help we needed to have a great day. I had flowers, I had laces, I had love and I had freedom. And I danced in the rain. If I could relive it, I would.