The slow autumn list


We came back from our honeymoon yesterday. To a much colder, but yet a very beautiful Norway. The colour palette is different, but just as beautiful as it was a few months ago when the landscape was in full bloom. And as a new season is upon us, I get the feeling of a new beginning. What do I want to fill this season with? The answer is very simple: nothing


To me "nothing" means no plans. No obligations. I only have plans for myself. Things I want to do. But they require very little effort. They're just a supplement of energy in a time where the days get shorter each week, and the temperature gets colder. And since I love making lists, I have of course made a list for this seasons slow activities as well: 

- Doing mental work that require me to accept and love myself and others in a much bigger sense
- Express gratitude for the little things, even on bad days. I keep them in my journal.
- Drink coffee, every day, because I love the taste. For me, cinnamon coffee is the ultimate taste of autumn. 
- Eat more traditional food; this seasons vegetables and herbs. 
- Meditate every day. It doesn't matter for me if it's for ten minutes or thirty seconds - i must find peace and my own breath every single day. This reduces the level of stress and anxiety in my body.
- To keep my calendar and schedule clear almost every weekend. Weekends are my time to put the world on pause. 
- Eat more mindful. I'm moving towards eating less and better. Which means I'll gonna have a better time eating my food, and having more time to enjoy it for what it does for my body. 
- To be more in tune with my soul. Say 'no' to what I don't want, and 'yes' to what I need. 
- Read more books and listen to music.
- Spend more quality time with friends
- Enjoy spending time outside


It's important to me to use the coming months to be more in tune with myself. I'm not a fan of darkness, cold and winter. I loose energy, get much more depressed, get sleepier yet still sleep deprived. This season I will do everything and nothing to make sure that the bridge between summer and winter is more gentle. And as a Norwegian, I'm raised to believe that being busy and handling many things at once is the gateway to success. And a sign that you're a person of accomplishments. Well, I'm here to be a little in your face and tell you that it's not true. That didn't work for me, and it didn't work for all of the other millions of people out there getting sick out of stress. So please - use this beautiful season to stop and make room for yourself. Be gentle, be kind and be calm. 

What are your plans this fall?