Dancing in the rain

At this place, right now, I'm at ease with myself. I let go of struggles, worries, and I let myself be me. Just as I am. I'm hardly looking at the clock, I'm not counting calories or thinking of what I should have done. I don't care that the weather is grey, because it's a pleasure to dance in the rain. Yesterday I went for a walk in the bright summer night. How can one sleep when this time of year is so beautiful? On the way back I started to dance. In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. Not very typical me, but still so familiar. I looked up at the houses and thought "what if somebody see's me?". And then I realised that it really doesn't matter if they do. How can one think poorly of someone who dances? We need more dance in this world, and we need more carefree joy. The joy of being present and finding peace of what is. So this evening I danced samba, barefoot in the crisp summer rain. As one should do. I felt my bare feet against the wet ground, and my hair getting wet by the cold rain. The smell of the wet grass and the fresh air. 

Let go. Be crazy. Be free.