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How I handle anxiety while being present in the moment

NB! A long blog post. But it's from the bottom of my heart, and I would really want you to read the whole thing. 

More and more often, I hear the word «anxiety» being used. The Norwegian statistics showed that every third person will experience some sort of depression and/or anxiety during their lifetime. That’s truly a lot of people, being every third person out of five million people in this country. And the statistics isn’t that different in other countries either, as far as I have read. 

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Our wedding pt.1: Preparations

So, now I want to show you everything we have documented about our big celebration. Oh, what a journey this has been for us. We've learned so much about ourselves. For better and for worse. Getting married is really not just a happy occasion, I have to admit that. It can really be exhausting too! But if we look away from that, It's also wonderful and a very unique and special moment that cannot be compared with anything else.

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