I'm a 28 year old girl, soon to be married (august 2017), and a history major at the university of Oslo. I grew up in Narvik in northern Norway, but moved to Oslo when I was 18. Since then I've been living in the southern part of Norway and feel at home here. I am only two subjects away from becoming a teacher in both history and social science. 

Since I was somewhere in between 12 and 14 y/o, I started to struggle with depressions and anxiety. It is still haunting me to this day. And one of the things I have learned during my time in treatment is how so much of these symptoms are stress-related. One of the things I learned to, in order to be able to cope with these things are simply SLOWING DOWN; To cancel unnecessary appointments and the things you get that false sense of feeling that you NEED to do, but are actually not really important at all. And that's when it hit me that the concept of 'slow living' is how I should live my life. But.. I'm still trying to figure it out!

'Slow living' is a very broad concept, and I feel that the beauty of it is that we are all able to make it into something that fits our life and personality. There are no strict rules you have to follow. You don't have to dress in a certain way or live on a farm out on the countryside to practice slow living. You can just as easily live in the city if that's what YOU need. The only rule is to slow down and connect with yourself and your life again. When you learn how to do that, you'll find your way and make your own rules as you go along. And I'm on a journey where I try to find my own path and a way to make some sense of it all. For me slow living is to stress down, live as sustainable as I can and being mindful and grateful for what I have. But I don't have all the answers, so I'm pretty much a work-in-progress. 

Here on my blog you'll be able to read my thoughts on these subjects:

- personal growth (gratitude, mindfulness, becoming a better person)
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- food
- my personal life

I hope you want to tag along. And I hope you want to share your thoughts on these subjects. I would really love to hear from you!