A slow morning, and some kitchen de-cluttering

There's so many things I really want to do with our living situation. There's so many choices I want to make differently. And I really want to make those changes.. RIGHT NOW. But these things take time. And they really should take time too. In that way I get to take much smarter and more thoughtful choices. Like I want to have a much bigger approach to minimalism, and that's why I keep de-clutter our house on a regular basis. It would be much more stressful to do these things in a few days, so I'm sure taking my time and constantly finding all of these things I want to get rid of. Today I suddenly got the impulse to clean out the kitchen. 


But first I just want to show you some pictures from my slow morning. I woke up around 8 am and just stayed in bed for a few hours. I didn't have any plans. I just wanted to read the news, look for some inspiration on Pinterest and find some calm. And after my morning shower I went outside with Balder. And the road beside our house was overgrown. So when he went in the bushes I couldn't possibly see where he was! 

I got really happy when I saw that the bees were flying all around the flowers. They are so important for our planet and eco system. 

I really wanted some flowers for our kitchen table, since all of my peonies had dried out and died during last week (thank you so much for that btw, H!). 

Back home I made myself a late breakfast/lunch and ate it while reading articles on my laptop. I really enjoy these quiet moments to myself. Last week I didn't have any privacy at all. And that was fine for a few days, but then I need some time all by myself. 

This was the best breakfast I've eaten in a long time, though. Porridge made of steel cut oats, walnuts, cinnamon, apples, akasie honey and then a slice of sour dough bread from a local baker on the side. And of course a lot of coffee! With this song on the speakers, everything was complete! 


And these red clovers.. They are so beautiful! I love that they are eatable. But do you have any idea how they can be used in food? Please do share your thoughts and ideas. I would really love how to use mother natures own refrigerator. 

And then to my kitchen de-cluttering: I didn't take any photos of the trash - but OH MY GOD, all the plastic that's in this house! It's incredible how much useless waste only one household can produce. I removed all the plastic I could, and filled up ALL of my jars with rice, flour, tea, spices, hemp seeds, and so on. First of all: my drawers got so much cleaner. Second of all: I could suddenly see all of my food, which means that I will probably lower the chances of me buying stuff I already have. And third of all: It looks better. I would really like to reduce all the plastic in my household but I don't know how to do that when we don't have stores where you could buy the stuff we need by kilos or grams. Any tips? Have you ever reduced the waste in your household?

I would really love to have a much more minimalistic household. Not because I think that the interior style of minimalism is something that I find very attractive. But the lifestyle and the philosophy behind not owning to much stuff, is something i feel more and more strongly about.

So right now this is on my household agenda:
- Keep de-cluttering every room, bit by bit (Rome wasn't built in one day)
- Try to figure out how to reduce waste in our household. And again: please DO SHARE your insights! 
- Try to find a way to reduce poison in our household. Like the ones you find in plastic bags, kitchen devices, etc.  

Now I'm off doing some wedding preparations. I'm kinda in a rush, so I'm sorry if there are some huge grammar mistakes in this post! //Julianne