After a long week with intense writing, it felt really good to make good use of this Friday. My day off. I finally got to clean the house (I guess shed season is back, again), and do some work at home. I found good company in Balder and some relaxed music. This week I've been so exhausted in my entire body, so I need to charge my batteries with some "zen music". And because of that, Enya has rolled over my speakers today. 


I've made some purchases lately, that I hope we will have some benefits from during the next year. First of all I bought some reusable coffee filters from Be:Eco, in organic cotton. We drink a lot of coffee at home, and I wanted an alternative that doesn't contain any poison, OR produce any waste. But to be on the safe side - in case we should need more, I also bought coffee filters from Økoland, that's disposable and made of recycled paper. These are from "If you care". Also, since I want to use less plastic, I've decided to give these bee's wax papers a try. I bought nine of them, and hope that they are just as good as they seem, and that they can protect and keep the food fresh. I really needed to try them, 'cause boy do we produce a lot of plastic waste at home! Speaking of organic: I stopped using deodorant with aluminum many months ago. But being born with sensitive skin and eczema, I wanted to try a deodorant that's completely natural and organic. I have been wanting to try some of the products from Skinlove for a long time, and last week I decided that it was time. I bought the one with pineapple and coconut and the one with lavender. They are all plant based and vegan. Using a natural deodorant is a very different experience from using the artificial ones. You tend to smell more, but that doesn't mean that you stink. At least that's what my husband and friends have said. And yes - I have asked them! 


It's been a long time since I bought myself a friday bouquet. But yesterday I bought Asters. The colours really made the room. And made me smile! Btw: that's my lovely father on the picture. He's been standing there since the wedding. I love seeing him everyday now. I really miss him. 


The light was really amazing today. Like, really amazing!


H came home with freshly baked sour dough bread from a micro bakery we have in town. This retired baker decided that he wanted to make baked goods and bread for fun, and his buissness just exploded with popularity! He even bakes in a mini bakery he have made in his shed, in his backyard. There's a line there of people picking up their orders the two times a week, when he bakes. I love being able to support passionate locals. They have the kind of spirit we need in every community. 


With just little over a week left 'till our honeymoon, I'm trying to decide which dresses I should pack with me. I only know this: there's gonna be a whole lotta flowers. 

Have a great weekend!