Saturday: coffee, food and a brand new vintage dress

Today it's one week since we became husband and wife. Everybody said that the wedding day itself would just fly by. But I felt the whole day was like a whole weekend in itself. It never ended. This past week though, has felt just like one single day. It's gone by extremely fast. But we decided weeks ago that the weekend after our wedding would be reserved for relaxing and relaxing only. Monday started really slow and we were constantly tired until Thursday. But then the fog started to lift and we finally felt like humans again. So this Saturday has been really enjoyable. 


Since we don't have a car at the moment, we walked all across town to do some grocery shopping. And of course: coffee. Balder was also of course with us. The poor fellow hasn't gotten much exercise this past week. 


I keep looking at my ring and at my husband, and can't believe that I'm at that point in my life where I can call someone my husband. I didn't have those thoughts before the wedding, but I do have them now. Because now it's suddenly a reality. I'm a wife!


We bought groceries for a stew. Im kind of tired of food these days, so the dinner has to be really simple today. So simple that we can eat the left-overs tomorrow and don't have to lift a finger. But even so, there are some ingredients I feel is mandatory in a simple dish: fresh herbs, meat from gras fed  animals and and fresh vegetables. I even have a lot of fresh carrots from my garden. I can't wait to use them! And do you see those shopping bags? They deserve their own post, but they are a part of my journey of becoming more mindful and "zero waste". 


This bacon is from pigs who's been running wild and been fed eco friendly food. Happy pigs! I feel more at ease when I know the animals has been given a full life. They deserve that much. And if eating less and more expensive meat, then that's OK for me. I also feel I need to get myself a vegetarian cookbook, so I can eat more vegetarian food during the week. I need to get more ideas for vegetarian dinners that don't evolve around beans and chick peas. My body can't handle that kind of food. 


By the way: I wanna show you this beautiful vintage 1970s dress that I found at a thrift store here in Kongsberg. I've been longing for it for a few weeks, and today I bought it. I feel I wanna use more skirts and dresses in my everyday life. Maybe finding this dress was the universe's way to tell me to embrace my sense of style more? I've had many revelations lately, and it seems like I need to embrace many things a lot more. And more so: embrace myself and who I am. Maybe it's all a little poetic, but I feel this dress is a symbol of just that. And with that being said: you should listen to this song. Over and over again. It's so beautiful. Finally, the closet behind me is something we bought to fit all of the wedding presents. It also deserve it's own blog post. Because it's real a beauty! Maybe tomorrow?