Zero Waste

One of the things that I long for, is to live a life where I don't contribute to harming the environment. And to live a life where the environment doesn't harm us. This is of course something that I find very difficult, because it means that a lot of the habits that we already have need to change. I'm also a very impatient person, so I always wanna se the changes happen over night. But I need to remind myself that every lifestyle changes need to change over time. Because  every habit is a pattern that we need to break before a new pattern can be implemented into our consciousness. And thats why I need to start with the small stuff. The small changes that are easy to do something with, but still has a lot of impact on the coming changes. Like some sort of "spillover effect" on my daily habits.
With time I want to do a lot of stuff. I want to be more or less self sufficient with vegetables and fruits (at least during summer and fall), and I want to make my own soaps and be able to harvest plants from the forest and use them in my cooking. Also, I want to have a waste less household (it's really tricky to get rid of all the plastic here in Norway, since they wrap EVRYTHING in plastic at the grocery stores), and use the food waste to make my own compost. We have limited access to make our own food and compost our waste in our garden. That being said, we can make a difference one small step at the time. And someday we'll get there. So we've finally started to reduce the plastic waste in our household by doing this: 

(This is not an ad or a sponsorship)

(This is not an ad or a sponsorship)

I've bought these grocery bags from Be:Eco. And yes, it is kind of expensive to replace all the cheap plastic stuff you get at the store. That's why I've decided to purchase a little at the time. But having these bags (and I also have other bags I've gotten for free here and there, that we use when we go shopping) makes it SO much easier to replace the plastic. 


For instance: We always need to use plastic bags that's hung up by the vegetables and the fruits when we go shopping. But with these nets that are see-through and very light, so you can just as easily buy and weigh the vegetables or the fruits like you do with the plastic bags. And the best thing is that you can use them over and over again and they doesn't produce any waste. And yes - you can wash them. Also, there are no toxins in the fabric like there are in the plastic bags. 


You have NO idea how many plastic bags we have in our drawer. It's a completely waste of space. We don't need that many plastic bags, and I can't believe that the stores continue to to work on being more eco friendly without removing plastic. But now we're one step closer to a more environmental friendly everyday life. I get this tingeling sensation in my stomach when I get to do more eco friendly choices. If you have ANY advices on how to make the household more eco friendly and zero waste, PLEASE do share them with me! I'm ready!