Homemade all purpose cleaner


When I was born, I was "blessed" with atopic eczema. I was red, dry and scratchy all over my body, all year long until I was nearly a teenager. That's when I started to get my eczema under control, and I only had these spots that got irritated in contact with alcohol and perfume. Today, I hardly notice the eczema, but I have other allergies that I know is connected. 

I really dont have any clue about how chemicals works, but I know they affect us. Some can affect our hormons and they can irritate our skin. We're exposed to them everywhere we go, and some of them are bad for you and some of them are not. This is as far as my knowledge of this subject goes, but as far as I'm concerned about my own body; I know that chemicals found in skincare, shampoo, body lotions and cleaning supplies can irritate my skin. So I've tried to switch to products that's as "skin friendly" as possible. This also affects the way I clean.

I have this big jar with a tap that I've only used for parties and punch, etc. Which actually means that I never use it, because we hardly have parties and festivities here anymore. And when I've made all purpose cleaners before, I've only used small jars. So this time I decided to use the BIG jar with a tap for my all purpose cleaner! The tap makes it way easier to pour the liquid in a spray bottle when it's finished. Win win! 

So this is not a specific recipe. And you have to regulate how much you need of every ingredient based on the container you use: 

White vinegar
Baking soda
(Essential oil)

Let it sit in daylight for about two weeks before you use it. Perfect for cleaning every surface in your house. How the chemical reactions between baking soda and vinegar works, I really dont know. But the pH levels are basic enough to kill bad germs. A really good trick for a greener and cleaner home!